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In collaboration with The Lactation Network, Tree of Life Feeding is now accepting eligible insurance plans for lactation services

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Tree of Life Feeding

family-centered lactation support
& feeding therapy

where compassion meets expertise

Lisa D.

"Some people need their mom or a doula to start motherhood but I needed Tiffany. I'm 5 months postpartum and I still go to her as a resource. Thank you Tiffany, for being a continued support to us! Because of you I learned to trust myself and feel confident in this beautiful part of motherhood!"

lactation consultations

​Given dual certification as SLP/IBCLC, lactation consultations include a feeding/swallowing evaluation. In-home and virtual lactation consultations allow us the opportunity to work together to support various feeding and lactation issues including:

  • prenatal breastfeeding preparation

  • painful latching, sore/damaged nipples, difficulty positioning

  • slow weight gain, jaundice, supplementation

  • oral motor dysfunction and tethered oral tissues

  • pumping and flange sizing

  • milk supply management (low milk supply, oversupply)

  • breast conditions (e.g., mastitis, thrush, clogged ducts)

  • return to work/school

  • bottle aversion

  • lactation & introducing complementary foods

  • weaning

  • loss & lactation 

Has picky eating become problem feeding? Does your child demonstrate severe aversions? Are you concerned about your child's safety with swallowing and feeding? Comprehensive infant and pediatric feeding & swallowing evaluations and therapy are available. Specializing in: 

  • prematurity

  • developmental delays

  • oral aversion & selective eating

  • dysphagia & history of aspiration

  • g-tube weaning

feeding & swallowing therapy 

Now offering both virtual and in-person group classes. Gain valuable information that will help you feel prepared to begin the next phase of your baby's developmental journey with more confidence and knowledge. Current offerings include:

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding: The Basics

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding: Planning Ahead

  • Baby Leads the Way: Introduction to Solids

  • ¡Hola! Bilingual Babies: Language Playgroup



At Tree of Life Feeding, my mission is to provide personalized support and guidance to families during the various stages of the feeding journey. I have been a pediatric speech-language pathologist since 2014. I have spent 8 of those years working in the pediatric medical setting with focus working with infants and children with various feeding and swallowing difficulties.

In 2021, I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to provide families with comprehensive and evidence-based breastfeeding and lactation support to meet their goals. I started Tree of Life Feeding in order to serve families like yours and give you the tools necessary to begin a healthy and happy relationship with all things feeding.

Los Angeles

Lactation and feeding therapy serving Long Beach and surrounding areas within L.A. and Orange County 


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